Saturday, October 22, 2005

I just LOVE Tag Art and I made this for my daughter.

I created this tag for my daughter Sarah just because I love her. It features the " girl with the pearl earring" and she loves that movie and book. I used the silks as fibers. I do have a tag group on Yahoo, Please visit it! Gracehalalartswap
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

LOTS of Silk Ribbons, I made 2100 in a few weeks time.! They will be featured in 3 different Art Zines with a readership from around the World. Gleaner Issue 15, Eccentric Pastiche ( Van Gogh) and Beau Ideal Arts 4.

My price per yard ranges from $3.50 - $5.50 per yard depending on width of ribbon and if there are unfinished or finished edges , 90% of my ribbons have unfinished edges , you can see from this pic that they do not unravel but are very strong. So strong that Eccentric Pastiche zine was sewn with them! That was a thick issue too!
Only the Lord could give me such favor. PRAISE BE To YESHUA!!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

My dear friend and sister in the Lord, Lynne, She helped me cut and count 500 silk Ribbons and I thanked her with this silk scarf. It is the "RIVER" . She had seen a vision of the River Flowing ( of God) and it had all these amazing colors. I just prayed and she said it was just like she saw it. The 8 x 54" is my standard size for silk scarves, unless it is a special order.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Anne Downen made this from my silk ribbons, This is an ATC. Artist Trading Card. They are never bought or sold, only traded and are miniature works of art , the average size is that of a baseball card 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 " See how the silks just add so much to this. I love the image she used!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

"God's Rod Set In Place" by Grace Brunelle,
I was trying to draw a rod, but a thumb came out instead. I believe It is the Thumb of God.
My vision,in July,22, 2005 happened when Pastor Donald Kretzer prayed over me, to receive HIS OWN anointing to Blow the Shofar and to pray for others to also be anointed to Blow Shofar. He spoke over me that I was a " Moses" I then saw this instantly as I fell into the Spirit of God. I did not know that praying over me, as I lay out in the spirit was Will Ford and a minister from Puerto Rico who was in revival there. I had 2 more visions, I have not drawn them yet.
Later on, the next day, I was totally surprised when Pastor Don handed me a precious Yemenite Shofar as a gift. I found out a few days later that He and His wife, Barbara adopted me as their spiritual daughter. What an awesome honor!!
On Sunday, Oct 9, 2005 I was blessed to be able to hand a photo of this drawing to Chuck Pierce. ( ) He was moved by it, and it totally surprised me that it is similar to the Samekh Vav, the year 5766 in Hebrew Calendar that He showed us on screen during His teaching . That image is of a spinning, whirlwind, a windy circle with a Tent Peg or Rod piercing the center. He spoke of this Sunday evening, months after i drew it!!

Isn't the Lord awesome! Praise Him!

copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


My dh Robert and I finally got our new website up. We have to reduce the images a bit but please leave a comment!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Divine Praise Worship Tools by TINA

Divine Praise Worship Tools

VISIT My friend Tina's Site, you will see GORGEOUS GLORY HOOPS!! She has an amazing business and these tools for worship will impact you.
blessings, grace

Sunday, September 04, 2005


CLOSE UP of "JUBILEE DANCE" SILK, size 8 x 54". I sell these scarves for $45 each.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


"JUBILEE DANCE" is the name of this silk, and it is actually a DEEPER purple than this. I wanted you to see HOW sheer the silk I use is, and it really has a wonderful sheen and feel. The hems are hand rolled. None of my silks are identical, they are made prayerfully. May you be inspired by them.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005

50. God's Authority Over America SILK

50. God's Authority over America Center of Scarf forms a Unique TREE of LIFE. I love unfolding and rinsing the scarfs. I love to see what happens! God always surprises me. I could never recreate a scarf, since i do not know HOW i ever achieve the look that i do!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

49. "God's Authority Over America" The Scarlet Crosses formed over a blue and white peaceful sky. May God have mercy on our country!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Jubilee Joy Scarf to mark a 50th year of joy.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

47. Divine Destiny Anointing Oil

DIVINE DESTINY ANOINTING OIL. This was the Blend created JUST for our Event.. "Restoring Creativity and Arts to Worship". This oil is very anointed, and had been prayed over as it was created. I use this for EVERY silk I create in prayer ( ALL of them!! )

I thought you might like to see the blend that the Saints of Fresh oil created for us. I am happily featured on their fantastic website, where you can purchase European Flacons to house your oils. They EVEN have a necklace Flacon that is Gorgeous. Tell them I sent you. The even carry the Exodus 30 oil, Esther Oil, etc. Fantastic!!

We still have some left to sell if anyone would like a bottle our church has a small amount left, one, just leave a comment and it will get to me. $9 a bottle plus 1.55 shipping.

copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

46. See Saints of Fresh Oil NEW BLOG

SEE the Oil Blend in the next picture. Visit their website at !

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Visit our other blog to see more art!

Thanks for viewing our other afun site,


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43."Moving Towards a New Anointing" Silk Scarf

"MOVING TOWARDS A NEW ANOINTING" Silk Scarf , if you look closely you can see how it moves from a darker to lightter and brighter area. The center makes a sort of "Jacob's Ladder" effect to represent a climbing higher to recieve the Heavenly anointing of God, returning back to earth to pass it on. The lady who got this was very excited, saying it was just what she needed.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


"IT'S TIME TO RECIEVE YOUR INHERITANCE" Silk Scarf. It was very cool because when i made this, i saw my friend Deb's face as I folded it. I knew it was for her. At the event i wanted to bless her as a protocol for more blessings to come to all, and told her to pick out any on the table because I did not want to influence her on which one to choose. Well, she happened to be WEARING a new shirt & it matched THIS! And she needed to receive her Divine Inheritance! So Deb owns this, you can see in the middle it forms the arch of an amazing rainbow, bright with promise, covenant Hope.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

41. " Rose of Sharon "Silk Scarf

ROSE OF SHARON SILK SCARF, This serene scarf in the deepest of pink, to remind you that HE is the Rose of Sharon,and may HIS fragrance envelope you!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

40. "Bridegroom Passion" Silk Scarf

BRIDEGROOM FLAME SCARF. The fire of passionate complete love of God burns in Jesus, the Messiah ( Yeshua) for US, His bride!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

39. "Divine Justice" Silk Scarf

DIVINE JUSTICE SCARF in Purples/ Blues. I pray over every scarf as it is created, from the start, God shows me how to fold, paint, dye, and when it is rinsed and ironed, He names it. The purple is Authority, and Kingly Royalty, The Blues, are the Heavenlies.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

38. " UNITY FLAME" Dance Scarves

UNITY FLAME DANCE SCARF made for the Emblazoned hearts dance team that blessed us in our "Restoring Creativity and Arts to Worship " Event. I made 6 because they are going to grow! Yet, each one is slightly different. They blessed us enormously, They dance with the Anointing of HIS power and authority.

God gave me the colors in a vision a few months ago. Yellow for joy, Pink for healing of the Bride's Wounds and Orange for the Holy Spirit.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

37. "Son of Righteousness Arises" Silk Scarf

The "SON OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ARISES " Silk Scarf. The Purple is for the Authority of God,but the shade is more fuschia meaning Passion. The greens are actually a bit more yellow, so I believe this scarf is for healing. God always gives me the name of the scarf when I rinse and iron it. It just "comes!"
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

36. God's Hands Sculpture with "Breaking Fallow Ground Silk"

God's Hands Sculpture by Robert W. Brunelle, Jr, ( my dh!) I created the silks around the hands from Dyed Silk Gauze.

An interesting story. I used water from our church, we actually took the water home 12 miles away to use. Our church has a historical fact, that in the late 1700's - 1800's shepherds from NH and VT and upstate NY would take the sheep to the Lamoille River behind our church to "SOAK" the sheep. Something in the water made the sheeps wool very white and more valuable. We actually now have a SELAH soaking GARDEN upstairs in our church where we all "SOAK " in HIS presence.

The minerals in the water are such that it changed the dyes i used, I was trying to create a rainbow, But the colors changed to these, it looked like ground pulled up and tossed into water and green life. As I rinsed the silks, the Lord spoke to my heart, " I am plowing up Fallow Ground". So that is what i call the green silk gauze. It has sort of an "army" feel to it too! I think God has much to say to us in this!

copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005

35. RIBBONS close up

SILK DYED RIBBONS Close UP. Did you know that Silk has a prophetic meaning? Read the Book called "The Prophetic Meaning of Silk " by Ruby Potter
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

34.Covenant, Passionate Worship, Unity Flame Ribbons

Covenant Rainbow Ribbon , Passionate Worship and Unity flame ( yellow pink peach)
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

33.Ribbons, "Holy Spirit" & " Healing of the Bride of Christ"

Holy Spirit ( Lavendar) and Healing of the Bride of Christ ( Pink) Torn Silk Ribbon
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

32. God's Fire Ribbons

RECENT SILK RIBBONS, I also dye silk torn into strips of ribbon, for other art use, these are like the fire of God
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

31. Winning Scarf, "REFRESHING RIVER OF GOD!"

WINNING SCARF!! For Laurel, The Refreshing River of God!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

30. HOUSE of the LORD Scarf

HOUSE of the LORD Scarf made for someone, the Verse is Psalm 27 : 4 When you wear it, the yellow forms a corner, or foundation, and points either up as if you are on a pinnacle or down in and INSIDE for a secure feeling, as if you are actually Inside His Temple. I never made a scarf like this before, and what is amazing is that i used NO red or pink anywhere, in the dyes, and this spot appeared, like the blood of Jesus!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Friday, April 29, 2005


"Restoring Creativity & Arts to Worship"
A day to revive God's Spiritual Creativity in YOU!
Proverbs: 8:30
Anyone (age 14+) with a creative hunger to
WORSHIP THE LORD is Encouraged to attend!
Saturday, July 9th, 2005 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Cambridge United Church, Route 15, Cambridge VT

Registration is $20 if received by May 15th & $30 afterwards.
(Includes Art supplies used during workshop plus Supper)
Child care will not be provided.
Evening Worship at 7:00 pm is OPEN TO ALL!
(Service will include "Prayer for the Release of God's Creativity in YOU".)
"Emblazoned Hearts" Dance and Tambourine Team
visit the Cambridge United Church Events page on our web site at: Events

Monday, April 04, 2005


"HEALING WATERS" This scarf came about in a surprising way! I was mixing the chemical solution before adding the Procion Mx dye. I put a teaspoon of "chemical" into each jar of water, as i prepared the dyes but it was not the "chemical" i thought i was using! When i saw what was in my hands, I realized I used PURE REFINED SEA SALT! I figured the Lord had a purpose for me doing this so I kept on going, using the Soda Ash, Softener, Urea, then each Pure dye. ( He has really been having me use PURE colors lately.) I believe the salt affected my colors of Turquoise and Blues becaue I ended up with more Green in the center! To me this looks like a churning river. I happened to be listening to Michelle Tumes singing "Healing Waters" as I was mixing the dyes and then when i ironed it dry i could see it looked like many Waters, so I named this "Healing Waters!"
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


"DIVINE REST" I let this set in the dyes quite a while and the colors merged into a beautiful Pattern.I really love the way the Pattern emerged with swirls in it. The Plum stands for Passion and Right relationship and the Blues stand for Spiritual Revelation.I feel the swirls are like the "Shekinah Glory" of God. The Reason it is called Divine Rest, is that in the Book of Hebrews, it says "there is a REST for the people of God. So Jesus, in HIS passion for us CALLS US into a place of Quiet Intimacy. But we can not even get near HIM without recognizing that HE did it all. There is no room for our own merits. When we quiet ourselves it is His joy to l share with us the Depths of His Mysteries. It is because of His vast Love that we in turn, respond to HIM in Love and Trust.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Thursday, March 31, 2005


HONEY FIRE FLAGS, The Lord awakened me at 4 am and told me step by step how to make these. The tips are dipped in honey colored dye. I have never made a type of flag or dyes like this before. All were to be PURE colors, NO mixtures! They symbolize the melting of manmade divisions between members of the body of Christ, as the FIRE of God, in Love melts any walls.The HONEY of the Holy Spirit , the anointing of God pours like a river out of the "waxed cold" walls of division. Wax can not stand heat. This image of fire and melting wax pouring a river of honey came to me in a "picture" vision during prayer with others a few months ago. I pondered long on how to create the colors i saw. Then the Lord in His kindness literally showed me step by step how to achieve this! There is a sermon here,, will post at a later date! Suffice to say that the tips of the flag "rested" in a honey colored dye. In Scripture we are told that in the end times, "the Love of many will WAX COLD". We must push thru our busyness and come aside to rest and Let HIM infuse us with Divine love.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Closeup of HONEY FIRE FLAG in Silk, You can see the variations of colors but only pure and unmixed colors were used!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


UNITY FIRE STREAMER, This is the first time i ever made such a large streamer. The size is 8 ft and 8 " wide, the number 8 is for New Beginnings. This streamer when used, creates the picture of a pure flame. We must burn with HIS love for the Body of Christ. He wants us to be unified in Love. Procion Mx dyes.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


This streamer is made of only 3 colors as the Lord directed me in a "picture" vision. The colors are Yellow, Pink and Pale orange. The yellow is Joy and spiritual enlightenment, the Pink is for the healing of the wounds of the Bride of Christ, and the Orange is for the Fire of the Holy Spirit. NO color was mixed but each was created of pure single dye, for God calls His people to purity and No more mixture.. "How can light and darkness coexist?"
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Please visit Eva's site where you will see an Exquisite set of WINGS on a shawl. I highly recommend her silks, she is very talented, the wings are sooo realistic and heavenly! Her work is very restful too!

Monday, March 14, 2005

21. "SELAH" ~ Anointed Poetry!

Please check out this Blog, Sherry is a great poet and Her work inspires me to draw closer to God.

Friday, March 04, 2005


COMPLETED BUTTERFLY SCARF. This 8 x 54 Habotai scarf came out Lovely, unfortunately the photo does not show the textured effects of the background in salt technique. After 3 days, the scarf is complete! Praise the Lord! The person who commisioned this really loved it too. That brings me joy.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


Butterfly Scarf Close up. See how lovely the Lumiere Pewter lines look! The butterfly stands for RESSURECTION!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005


THOUGHTFULNESS on Pebbly Silk Crepe. Pansies do mean thoughtfulness, and that quality is one i hold dear.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

17. Besides Still Waters Close Up

BESIDES STILL WATERS HE REFRESHES AND ENLIGHTENS ME. This is a close up of the scarf in Habotai 8 mm. I love the Technique the Lord showed me, it looks like a Monet Painting!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

16. "God's River of Life" Scarf

"God's River of Life" Scarf. I really liked the watermark effect that God gave me inspiration on how to do. This as well was a very restful scarf to create. The white you see is a flash, and not a defect on the scarf.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

18. Tulip Close Up on " Faux Stained Glass "Vest

Here is a close up of some of the tulips on the Stained Glass Satin Vest. I really liked the good hold their black resist gave, with no feel on the silk. My search for a replacement is still continuing. I am so sorry this pic is blurry
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

17. FAUX Stained Glass Tulip Satin Vest

This is a " FAUX Stained Glass " Satin Vest I made a few years back. The products were by Deka Paint. I really Loved using Deka Silk Paints and resists, though they are not true dyes but pigments. Their product left a wonderful sheen on the silk and did not dull the silk. T Unfortunately Deka Art Supplies went out of business and I am struggling to achieve with other companies the art successes I had with their products.his vest is similar to one that I was honored to have Auctioned off at Mountain Lake PBS Arts Auction.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

16. Love in a Onesie

I know this isn't a scarf but it stands for LOVE, I made this for our new niece Geneva Rose. I just Love dyeing onesies for babies! However I still feel that silk is a lot more fun than cotton.. plus it requires LESS rinsing!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

15. Cherokee Symbol Scarf

Cherokee Symbol Scarf. The spirals are symbolic of a dance the Cherokee nation does, as well as their 7 point star. This was also an art commision I was very happy to create. I learned a great deal of how their imagery is universal and tried this new technique of color separation with new shades i did not ever mix before until today
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

14. Butterfly Scarf Close up

Here is a closeup of the first butterfly scarf i was commissioned for. The Black Silk Paint Brand Resist washed out completely tao my horror! I found out i will have to redraw the lines and then steam it prior to painting with the 2nd layer of dyes. See the next picture! I finished it with Lumiere Pewter and it came out great. Butterflies stand for resurrection and new life.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

13. Butterfly Scarf in progress

Day 2 into work on the Butterfly scarf. I have yet to put additional layers of dyes and salt resists, then redraw all the lines for the 3rd time with Lumiere. You can see the hard edges of color, these were softened in completed scarf with salts and look very good. Habotai 8 mm
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

12. "Beside Still Waters" SILK SCARF

This silk is called "Besides Still Waters He Refreshes and Enlightens Me", and was inspired, a new technique the Lord taught me ! I created this for my twin sister, as she needs to rest!
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

Thursday, January 13, 2005


"EPHOD" Again the Lord guided me and taught me what to do! I took what i had learned with the triangle clamping and mixed a light royal blue. He showed me where to put the clamps. After the dye process I opened to find this amazing pattern. To me i see the bottom as crosses, that turn into praising people with arms uplifted, then turn into angels ! The sides of this habotai 8 mm top were resewn down to only about 3 ", and i attached matching silk dyed ribbon. I wear this over my all white liturgical dress and tie silk scarves to the sides. This is so i can change the colors of scarves to the meaning of the dance. Soon i will post a listing of colors and their meanings for you. I love this EPHOD. It is very modest and yet flows beautifully. It reminds me of the Ephod that the High Priest wore in the Temple. Posted by Hello


7. " TRINITY " Double flag. The blue sand washed silk is for Heavenly sky, there is a touch of green (new life) in it. The overlay of habotai 5 mm in Purple ( royalty, authority) is wonderful to dance with, it flutters so lovely as you wave it. This pattern was also a surprise. I trust Him to give me a direction to go in when i begin to dye or paint. He did not disappoint me! He gave me the plan! I first dyed this overlay in pale blue and dried. Then I had an idea to try a Japanese shiborri technique. I took some very heavy plastic and cut into triangles. I clamped the fabric very tightly and soaked in the purple procion for one day. When unclamped, rinsed, ironed, i was overjoyed. The triange stands for the TRINITY ! This was not easy to sew together, so one is a bit larger than the other, Like me, i have flaws too but God can make beauty out of both of us! Posted by Hello