Thursday, January 13, 2005


"EPHOD" Again the Lord guided me and taught me what to do! I took what i had learned with the triangle clamping and mixed a light royal blue. He showed me where to put the clamps. After the dye process I opened to find this amazing pattern. To me i see the bottom as crosses, that turn into praising people with arms uplifted, then turn into angels ! The sides of this habotai 8 mm top were resewn down to only about 3 ", and i attached matching silk dyed ribbon. I wear this over my all white liturgical dress and tie silk scarves to the sides. This is so i can change the colors of scarves to the meaning of the dance. Soon i will post a listing of colors and their meanings for you. I love this EPHOD. It is very modest and yet flows beautifully. It reminds me of the Ephod that the High Priest wore in the Temple. Posted by Hello

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