Monday, April 21, 2008

How to Knit Basics - Rib Cable Cast on Method

Dear Those casting on! Last but not least, Here is how to do a Cable Cast on, which shows you also how to work it in rib stitch so that your k1 , p1 rib extends into the very edge. blessings,grace who is still learning and honing skills

Knitting - Long-Tail Cast-on

This is the method I use Most of all, except for socks and other items , I figured that I would try to present a few videos on knitting starting with casting on and then progressing so that you, my dear viewer will learn and enjoy as well,
blessings, grace

Twisted German Cast On

This is yet another cast on that is used a lot in socks. I have to get this one down and figured you would enjoy watching it too!
Next one I am posting will be the one I am presently using, the Long tail cast on...however it is not stretchy enough for least for my plump legs!
blessings, grace

Double Needle Cast On

Rosemary does a really nice job here. I Hope you enjoy this really stretchy Cast on, good for socks, cuffs, sweaters and any place you need a good stretchy cast on. I will be posting more videos that will help you on your knit, crochet, spin and fiber journey!