Saturday, February 24, 2007


I was grateful to receive 2 mini cd's from a collage friend, I made this wonderful ugly hand spindle. The only pretty part of it is the rainbow light that emenates from the cd Oh, AND the SILK Of course!
I can do some production style spinning on in if I use easy to spin fiber ! I have very carefully sanded the shaft to silky smoothness. I then rounded the end of the shaft,i n case it hits the floorm so it will continue to spin. I also have an screw eye at the top which i have opened to a crook. This is black silk from a Silk Mawata, or single cocoon opened up into a hankie which I pull into a thin roving and spin to a lace weight.
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I made the wrist distaff from about 20 + single ply of hand spun lace weight wool.The fleece was dyed in kool aid and food coloring and randomly spun up.I decorated the tassel with beads to keep the wrist distaff hanging down straight.Don't make it too heavy, because the roving will add weight.
First, wrap roving around your tassel then slip on the bracelet. Thread your roving through the bracelet and up and over your hand and then start spinning!
There may be other ways but this is what I do.I also made the cd hand spindle too, and this one spins forever!

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