Thursday, January 13, 2005


7. " TRINITY " Double flag. The blue sand washed silk is for Heavenly sky, there is a touch of green (new life) in it. The overlay of habotai 5 mm in Purple ( royalty, authority) is wonderful to dance with, it flutters so lovely as you wave it. This pattern was also a surprise. I trust Him to give me a direction to go in when i begin to dye or paint. He did not disappoint me! He gave me the plan! I first dyed this overlay in pale blue and dried. Then I had an idea to try a Japanese shiborri technique. I took some very heavy plastic and cut into triangles. I clamped the fabric very tightly and soaked in the purple procion for one day. When unclamped, rinsed, ironed, i was overjoyed. The triange stands for the TRINITY ! This was not easy to sew together, so one is a bit larger than the other, Like me, i have flaws too but God can make beauty out of both of us! Posted by Hello

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Sherra Psalm said...

Way cool!

I feel incredibly charged! I've never worked with any art material..but I do love to write inspirational poetry, lyrics, and drum (conga drumming)
I made a flag for my wall out of scraps of wallpaper ...and pasted it to my wall!
Gee LORD ...amazing! So inspiring
So very inspiring!