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Twisted German Cast On


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Dear ones, I went over the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds for the VERMONT Sheep and Wool festival and guess what??? For the first time in my life I entered a spinning contest.I renamed both skeins so have to post the New Names here when I get the skeins home. I forgot to put them up for sale! I entered the Novelty yarn category i where i won My First ever lovely blue ribbon!! The skein that won First plae in the Novelty division is made from Dorset wool & Bombyx Silk & Angelina Fiber. I have carded what you see by hand about 6 times, and you can See how it started out here when I was preparing the fiber.
I will be winning a wonderful felted sliced bracelet as a PRIZE! ( I had a peek! will post pics later)
I won third place in the same division for another skein, a 2 ply Art Yarn. One ply is mettalic hologram fiber, and the other ply is made from Dorset/Suffolk Vermont wool that I get from my friend Lynne of Rest Harrow Farm in Vermont. See the whole skein here, and enjoy.

BTW I make artistic well spinning traveling hand DROP spindles ( small enough to spin in a car...) I love to spin fiber ( right now Llama Cloud is my favorite of the week, I picked up ONE ounce at the fest!) I spin and ply by hand spindle as my ashford wheel is need of surgery. I will SOON be getting my dream spinner electric wheel from Teri, Honey package will be going out soon! Waiting for funds to send it!! WATCH A WONDERFUL VIDEO ON THE SILENT ELECTRIC DREAM SPINNER. There is some really nice celtic music in background too.

See a few photos of spindles on my etsy store , Hopefully I will be able to open by end of September! I just went through a procedure for the Trigeminal Neuralgia and am recuperating.
I am also on Ravelry under halalsilks.

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Part 2 of Hand Carding With Sue

Carding Wool with Sue Video !

Spinning, part 1 & 2 with foot action for your wheel

How to spin, Sue teaches you foot motion and this is quite relaxing!
Something I have not seen taught anywhere else!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wood Rose Angora Spun by Tami Mulder at Etsy

ISN"T THIS GORGEOUS!!! Tami Mulder, who has an etsy store where she is BQAngoras spun this and dyed this amazing Bunny Angora for me
The color is Wood Rose. It is a PERFECT color for me, the funny thing is that I HAD THE BEADS BEFORE I Knew what color she would do. God made this turn out perfect!! I will use the ICE Queen pattern at
I have to learn how to knit lace to make a number of these to help treat the trigeminal neuralgia I fight.
It will become a GORGEOUS Beaded Wimple!!
Follow my journey on ravelry, I am Halalsilks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I LOVE MY CRAFTY BOOK E BOOK, IT is FREE to sign up and read. Learn How to Crochet, or make Your own Bath and Body Products! How about recipes, she has TONS, Even 1000 punch recipes too! In these hard times, how about turning your trash to profit. YOU CAN FREELY READ THESE!! Just click here or on the title above and GET THIS FREE CRAFTY EBOOKS SET! I love them and you will too!

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How to knit my-so-called Scarf MANOS DEL URUGUAY

The dear creator of this wonderful scarf has FILMED the how tos!! I love this! See pattern here

Beauty from Pain (Narnia)

I really like this song, and having it set to Narnia is touching. I fought 23 years of Trigeminal Neuralgia as of July 5th... but I had special prayers and I am doing much better. However, I do not forget those who suffer daily. DO NOT GIVE UP. FOR YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER CARES! Just, if you can try this... see yourself falling into HIS arms, rest your head on HIS Chest and RECEIVE SOLACE AND RELIEF. HUGS From Grace

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, I am so very happy to get away with Rob for a few days. We have been gifted 2 nights at Basin Harbor Vermont for the Artist In Residence Program "REFLECTIONS 'O8". It is a great place, over 700 acres,with Audubon sanctuary and GREAT food. We will be in one of the cottages. It is sort of our early celebration too of 25 years of happy wedlock... with our formal anniversary being in Dec.
To think, I married Rob after only knowing him for 3 months.. We are true soul mates. This is our third trip to Basin Harbor, and the place is so quiet. NO TV, Just relaxation! Those famous painted Adirondack Chairs come from Basin Harbor!
Ahh, a place to relax, unwind.. and we hope the weather won't be awful.. but good and absolutely perfect. IT has been way too hot and humid for me.
To be married to an artist has it's perks! Rob says I am an artist too... and though I be unconventional in using fiber rather than paint, I hope He is right!
Well off to pack!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Continental knitting demo

Wow, this video looks so easy I will try to do this form of knitting. I have always knit as A Thrower. I want to speed up. I do knit tightly too, and in this video she points out it will loosen up your knitting. I shall see! Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Universal Electronic Dream Spinner ~ MY NEW WHEEL!!


Teri creates these Amazing QUIET Electric Spinning wheels ~~
"Universal Electronic Dream Spinners" ~~. I have looked for an electric spinning wheel for years and finally found THE DREAM SPINNER. She does a lot of custom work, She herself is a "DREAM " to work with, CONTACT TERI and tell her GRACE Sent you!

One thing I will love when I receive MY wheel is that I can create ANY size art yarn!! The Orifice Posts are multi-sized to fit anything from a std. 1/4" diam. brass orifice tube up to a 7/8" diameter orifice tube ( If you have a huge BABE "BULKY" Flyer. )It fits ANY standard name brand spinning wheel flyers & bobbins.
I have a problem with my hip and if I spin on my ashford too long I really ache. As I am getting shots for my hip, repetitious actions are not good for me. I looked for a very long time for a quiet classy electric wheel and It was a serendipitous web surf that led me to Teri. I can't wait, Teri is adapting my wheel to fit my ashford bobbins too.
IN THE NEXT VIDEO, WATCH TERI CREATE SUPER THIN LACE WEIGHT PLY WITH HER SLING BLADE HAND SPINDLES... You can even use these in a limited space like as a passenger in a car or a plane.


Please wait for this video to load and enjoy the background harp music and see this wonderful Sling Blade spindle. All her work is done meticulously.She invented this particular method to make spinning fine guaged yarn comfortably in small spaces such as planes and automobiles!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I wanted to write you all to again bring to the forfront the disorder/disease of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have been fighting this for 23 years. TN is called by the Medical Community to be "THE WORST PAIN KNOWN TO MANKIND, THE PAIN IS SUICIDAL".
I have fought this and it is very life altering. The pain is so intense and makes you really give up at times.
I am blessed to know a few who fight this. My doctors are using various injections to help me along with medications. I not only fight this but Post Herpetic Neuralgia in the same area, that is from SHINGLES On the Trigeminal Nerve. So Lyrica works well but the Trigeminal Aspect is quite difficult. I need help for a lot of things in my life. I can't be the mom I want to be, My husband misses the way I used to cook. I fight many side effects from so many drugs.
To those who feel like they have electric pain or a toothache that won't go away, or if you can not tolerate breezes or even a draft or touch to your face, If you get pain so severe when you kiss or even brushing your teeth or eating you might go to a neurologist and ask them to check you out for Trigeminal Neuralgia, It is a Long process to get diagnosed, because they rule out everything else. The pain though is the hallmark. To me it felt like an electric spike with an elephant pounding it into areas of my mouth, head, face. I am doing better with Botulism Toxin injections but that takes me about 3 weeks to recuperate from. There are side effects from that too, I had paralysis of my eye of my mouth, I have had drooping. But as my specialist and I work together and look at reams of info I know it will work because GOD LOVES ME. I honestly do not know how people survive this with NO FAITH or HOPE in GOD. One time I was wailing in pain for hours wanting to die, I phoned my pastor who prayed with me as my husband went to get yet another experimental drugat the hospital,an hour from our home. The LORD guided me to the hammered dulcimer where I plucked out an inspired tune. Then He led me to the electric piano, and I have no formal training.. but a song erupted with chords and orchestration. It sounded like a boat heading toward shore in a stormy ocean.. and I could see the boat would make it safely. When The song ended my husband came in with the medication. The Lord kept me playing in HOPE for hours. I give the glory of my survival to God! HE IS WONDERFUL.
If you fight TN visit Kathy's website Or see the Main TN site.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

X IS FOR Xerxes!! Digital Art Work in Process

I created this for the Christian Paper artist Group. We create INCHIES, Listen to the message by pressing the arrow to learn more!

Make on Snapvine | Copy This

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The UNIVERSAL TOE UP SOCK PATTERN or if you are on Ravelry see this link is perfect when you have a person who has a foot that might not fit into conventional socks or if you want to Knit Toe Up and have a custom made sock.
I THINK i may do this this sock for Rob because i can really adjust it to him.
The pattern has specifics for any weight yarn. You fill in the blank for the person's unique measurements and knit on!
I have some really wonderful alpaca 4 ply to try this on, Thank you Dear Nicole for the fantastic yarn!
smiles, grace

DESTASH Wool Yarn To Barter or Sell

Chocolate Brown Carnival DK 100% PURE NEW WOOL TOP YARN, From Crystal Palace Yarns
Guage is 14 sts/4 inch Use Needle 10
Stored in my special drawer in cool dry mothproof save place in my home. No pets, No smoking.
ONLY $3.50 a ball!! I have 10 balls, each is 100 grams and 110 yads.
I have many needs for knit items and spin items so would enjoy BARTERING... I need circular needles, knitting and spinning Books,nice Fiber to spin, Yarn for Socks etc. PLEASE LET ME KNOW....
WHAT HAVE YOU? Please email me at
God keep you all. thank you!!

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Pics of Yarn to Barter!

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A good Mens Knit sock Pattern

Here is a very generous knitter/designer who has some really nice patterns.
I think I might be able to make this one work for Rob but I want a toe up pattern first.
It is quite a nice summer sock.


Save the Knitty Gritty Show Petition

Save the Knitty Gritty Show Petition

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! This show got me back into knitting. It is very helpful to all levels of knitters and knitting is a HUGE industry. PLUS we get free patterns from the show!
PLEASE do sign now!! Thanks for doing a good deed, grace


Thought you would enjoy an interesting way to cast on for knitting a hat top down or for socks toe up! I need this one for the socks i want to make Rob. He has large wide feet and will have to customize them for him, If you have a great men's sock pattern or link please let me know, smiles,grace

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Not having a green thumb... I was so Overjoyed to see that the Lord had grown this for me! I had given up
on this Lilac Tree last year. I chopped it Radically, afraid it would not survive our Vermont winters and ice...
but to my amazement this normally pale plain Lilac tree Burst into the Most gorgeous blooms I ever saw on my own property. Thank you O Dear Lord for giving me this beauty. We made 2 vases and the house is full of the fragrance!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

How to Knit Basics - Rib Cable Cast on Method

Dear Those casting on! Last but not least, Here is how to do a Cable Cast on, which shows you also how to work it in rib stitch so that your k1 , p1 rib extends into the very edge. blessings,grace who is still learning and honing skills

Knitting - Long-Tail Cast-on

This is the method I use Most of all, except for socks and other items , I figured that I would try to present a few videos on knitting starting with casting on and then progressing so that you, my dear viewer will learn and enjoy as well,
blessings, grace

Twisted German Cast On

This is yet another cast on that is used a lot in socks. I have to get this one down and figured you would enjoy watching it too!
Next one I am posting will be the one I am presently using, the Long tail cast on...however it is not stretchy enough for least for my plump legs!
blessings, grace

Double Needle Cast On

Rosemary does a really nice job here. I Hope you enjoy this really stretchy Cast on, good for socks, cuffs, sweaters and any place you need a good stretchy cast on. I will be posting more videos that will help you on your knit, crochet, spin and fiber journey!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Singing Knitting Blues

Those knitting blues have got me down... I had to frog down BOTH my socks because of problems with heel flaps... and this is my first pair of socks... see all about them on my Ravelry Site.
So I figured I would pick up Rob 's hat ( I am a SLOW knitter).. and I found in the basketweave accents I made a MESS in spots. I frogged it and tried to redo it so now that is sitting alongside sad socks.
I started on a gorgeous lace hat for our new niece and guess what? The hat pattern is in tiny print but parts of the lace are in the sweater section, This pattern has me flipping back and forth.. and I ended up doing the WRONG rows!! I had to rip that out.
I was thinking this might be a NON knit week.... but my fingers were "itching " to move... and I had a friend over for tea, I figured we might spin or card some wool but I had a big SURPRISE...
My darling dear girlfriend gifted me for no reason at all with some we RAN to the nearest LYS for YARN and some New Circs... and some new yarn. Kelly at the shop has this tiny hat pattern, sort of like a fruit hat but the decreasing is different and it can be made in a couple days. So I got some Cascade Fixation in baby hues of pinks yellow blue and white and I am going to go and KNIT ThisBaby hat!!
God is so kind. He knew i was going to throw in the towel if I did not have some success too! So he sent my friend to cheer me up.
Oh and in some web searching I found a WONDERFUL Knit site... check it out!
Have fun !

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