Thursday, October 13, 2005

"God's Rod Set In Place" by Grace Brunelle,
I was trying to draw a rod, but a thumb came out instead. I believe It is the Thumb of God.
My vision,in July,22, 2005 happened when Pastor Donald Kretzer prayed over me, to receive HIS OWN anointing to Blow the Shofar and to pray for others to also be anointed to Blow Shofar. He spoke over me that I was a " Moses" I then saw this instantly as I fell into the Spirit of God. I did not know that praying over me, as I lay out in the spirit was Will Ford and a minister from Puerto Rico who was in revival there. I had 2 more visions, I have not drawn them yet.
Later on, the next day, I was totally surprised when Pastor Don handed me a precious Yemenite Shofar as a gift. I found out a few days later that He and His wife, Barbara adopted me as their spiritual daughter. What an awesome honor!!
On Sunday, Oct 9, 2005 I was blessed to be able to hand a photo of this drawing to Chuck Pierce. ( ) He was moved by it, and it totally surprised me that it is similar to the Samekh Vav, the year 5766 in Hebrew Calendar that He showed us on screen during His teaching . That image is of a spinning, whirlwind, a windy circle with a Tent Peg or Rod piercing the center. He spoke of this Sunday evening, months after i drew it!!

Isn't the Lord awesome! Praise Him!

copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005