Saturday, August 29, 2009

I so enjoy These Knit Video Helps

One reason I want to learn to knit better ( See new wish list )
O I want to be able to knit something like this Lace GORGEOUS SHAWL by elann
I do learn better by watching and doing with a video.
Click the link on title for the 24 videos from the UK, . I am embedding one here for you to watch as well. I have Yet to learn HOW to WRAP STITCHES - Demo 23 - Wrap Stitches from The Crafts Channel on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I nfant Loss Support SHARE SOUTHERN VERMONT is a wonderful support group.
Being a bereaved parent of unborn infants is difficult. We had been in the No Vermont group, but I am unsure if they are still going on so this video is of the Southern Vermont Group.

You may wonder WHY I placed this here... My children in heaven are still part of my life even though Our babies died years ago.
Grief from the loss of a Child is the most longest lasting grief and research shows this is a grief that is sort of with you all your life.
To me, I find the pain acts so erratically. For example, There you are one sunny day, standing on the edge of the water at the beach. There you are enjoying the day when Boom!!!like an ocean wave, It can suddenly knock you over, pulling you into an undertow of sorrow and depression Or like the remaining water , grief can just puddle around your feet. The baby aisle in the grocery store becomes one you avoid.
If you so desire, please Watch the video and see a lovely group remembering their children in loving ways.
2 corinthians 1:3-6 is my life verse and comfort be to all of you who have experienced the razor pain of a baby's death.
hugs, grace

Sunday, March 29, 2009



Dear ones, If you have not yet found Knittyspin , you have missed a LOT... but never fear, You can Catch up, Read it all FOR FREE!! Plus check out this really FANTASTIC WRAP Shawl by Kate Atherley, called "SHEEP WRAP" It is so nice and warm, chunky warm. I spoke with Kate who is very kind. You can find her on under the name of wisehilda .So visit this wonderful Wrap, It is great for us with Facial Pain. Wrap your head warm from cold breezes!!
Hugs, grace
PS I am Halalsilks at Ravelry.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to my husband Rob!!

• Barbra Streisand • Iv´e Dreamed Of You [1999] •
All of you enjoy the song, but it really does tell the story of
my husband and I.
I prayed for 9 months and the Lord sent Rob my way, later we found our paths crossed many times.
This is our 25th year of marriage.
Happy 25th Valentine to my Darling Rob,
love, forever, from me

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Josh Groban and Mireille Mathieu sing the song I have loved since childhood.
May this brighten your day.
hugs, grace

Andy Paiko Glass Spinning Wheel

This is like a Fairy Tale Spinning Wheel. It spins GREAT I would LOVE ONE,, wouldn' you?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to Knit Basics - Rib Cable Cast on Method

I hope that I can now make a very flexible cast on for socks... check this video out!
Yes, I am STILL trying to KNIT SOCKS!!

How to Knit Decreases - SSK aka slip slip knit decrease

This decrease has always confused me. This videos helped me understand that SSK Decrease and I hope this one helps you too!