Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Whittle your own crochet hooks ( also abouta MIRACLE)

YES, you can make your own crochet hooks!
Being without that green stuff called cash makes one think in new ways.
I saw some fancy woods and thought.. hmm I can Possibly make that!
So i scrounged in the yard and cut up some dry Cedar, Birch, White Pine and Lilac. It is my hope to be able to carve some crochet hooks. I don't think you can make a small one but any that is sort of ergonomic and very smooth would be fun.
So give it a try and let me see what you created!

Spinwise, I am trying to ply using a ball of yarn and yarn on a hand spindle , to put both on a second spindle.. NOT FUN. I also decided I can't do andean ply!

Knitwise, I have discovered that ssk is not ssk psso and so have frogged my LILAC SOCKS about 3 inches. I am also TRYING to learn magic loop knittting. After my 10th attempt ( HONESTLY), I still can not overcome a space of yarn between the needles, even after row 4. So if you know what i am talking about and can help, please post!
I am starting to think the double circular needle knit method of small size circles is BETTER. I just have to find a way to barter for some more circs.

Lifewise... heading over in September to Mercy Hospital to see if they can help me with my 22 year battle with Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is excrutiating pain that is called" worst pain known to mankind !~ the suicide disorder" by MEDICAL DOCTORS! It really is the worst thing I have ever fought. BUT GOD is amazing. GOD HEALED A WOMAN FROM TN and it is DOCUMENTED! I met Kathy through divine circumstances. Please visit Her site and learn how she was healed from TN and GET SOME HOPE THERE FOR YOU.
Please keep me in prayer that the pain will end.