Thursday, March 31, 2005


HONEY FIRE FLAGS, The Lord awakened me at 4 am and told me step by step how to make these. The tips are dipped in honey colored dye. I have never made a type of flag or dyes like this before. All were to be PURE colors, NO mixtures! They symbolize the melting of manmade divisions between members of the body of Christ, as the FIRE of God, in Love melts any walls.The HONEY of the Holy Spirit , the anointing of God pours like a river out of the "waxed cold" walls of division. Wax can not stand heat. This image of fire and melting wax pouring a river of honey came to me in a "picture" vision during prayer with others a few months ago. I pondered long on how to create the colors i saw. Then the Lord in His kindness literally showed me step by step how to achieve this! There is a sermon here,, will post at a later date! Suffice to say that the tips of the flag "rested" in a honey colored dye. In Scripture we are told that in the end times, "the Love of many will WAX COLD". We must push thru our busyness and come aside to rest and Let HIM infuse us with Divine love.
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005