Tuesday, July 12, 2005

36. God's Hands Sculpture with "Breaking Fallow Ground Silk"

God's Hands Sculpture by Robert W. Brunelle, Jr, ( my dh!) I created the silks around the hands from Dyed Silk Gauze.

An interesting story. I used water from our church, we actually took the water home 12 miles away to use. Our church has a historical fact, that in the late 1700's - 1800's shepherds from NH and VT and upstate NY would take the sheep to the Lamoille River behind our church to "SOAK" the sheep. Something in the water made the sheeps wool very white and more valuable. We actually now have a SELAH soaking GARDEN upstairs in our church where we all "SOAK " in HIS presence.

The minerals in the water are such that it changed the dyes i used, I was trying to create a rainbow, But the colors changed to these, it looked like ground pulled up and tossed into water and green life. As I rinsed the silks, the Lord spoke to my heart, " I am plowing up Fallow Ground". So that is what i call the green silk gauze. It has sort of an "army" feel to it too! I think God has much to say to us in this!

copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

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