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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Whittle your own crochet hooks ( also abouta MIRACLE)

YES, you can make your own crochet hooks!
Being without that green stuff called cash makes one think in new ways.
I saw some fancy woods and thought.. hmm I can Possibly make that!
So i scrounged in the yard and cut up some dry Cedar, Birch, White Pine and Lilac. It is my hope to be able to carve some crochet hooks. I don't think you can make a small one but any that is sort of ergonomic and very smooth would be fun.
So give it a try and let me see what you created!

Spinwise, I am trying to ply using a ball of yarn and yarn on a hand spindle , to put both on a second spindle.. NOT FUN. I also decided I can't do andean ply!

Knitwise, I have discovered that ssk is not ssk psso and so have frogged my LILAC SOCKS about 3 inches. I am also TRYING to learn magic loop knittting. After my 10th attempt ( HONESTLY), I still can not overcome a space of yarn between the needles, even after row 4. So if you know what i am talking about and can help, please post!
I am starting to think the double circular needle knit method of small size circles is BETTER. I just have to find a way to barter for some more circs.

Lifewise... heading over in September to Mercy Hospital to see if they can help me with my 22 year battle with Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is excrutiating pain that is called" worst pain known to mankind !~ the suicide disorder" by MEDICAL DOCTORS! It really is the worst thing I have ever fought. BUT GOD is amazing. GOD HEALED A WOMAN FROM TN and it is DOCUMENTED! I met Kathy through divine circumstances. Please visit Her site and learn how she was healed from TN and GET SOME HOPE THERE FOR YOU.
Please keep me in prayer that the pain will end.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well, have some items to trade or sell, 301 knitting hints and tips from Bond. $8 plus shipping soft cover in Very good condition. Only slight dibbet on cover right side. Stored dry, no pets, no odor.
just reply to this blog if interested!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Saturday Spin In

First, I have been Offline, my dear baby computer, a mere 3 years old has to have a completely new hard drive, so have been OFFLINE for over a week~! Many tears were shed. I learned I am not supposed to DEPEND on the computer like an adjunct brain! So this is why I missed last Saturday's Spin In Dear Cindy and gang! Below is my spindle experiment for your perusal for this Saturday! I am on by remote access or would post MORE pics!

I also wanted to know if anyone can tell me how to NOT overtwist when spinning a short fiber. I am preferring hand spindling by far! However i do like plying better by wheel. How about You?
If you can't comment because of an issue on my blog, please email me, because I never ever get comments and would love to hear your opinion on my spinning!

My Spindle Experiment

I created these spindles from cd's. The left is on a 1/4" dowel with mini cd's ( If you know where i can get MORE of these Mini CD's please comment!) It is the most used spindle i own and spins forever! The right one is about a 1/2" dowel I hand painted and used 2, yes 2 heavy reg cd's. Get this.....

I think I broke a rule or something. The spindle on right is WAY heavier,, but I spun THINNER as you can see by the double up ply. How can That be?? Hmmm, I Heard you have to always go LIGHT in spindle weight to go THIN.. hmm, not for me. By the way my cd spindles have the LONGEST SPINS I have ever experienced with a hand spindle~ am thinking of possibly getting into making them to sell. Do you think there would be interest? How much could I ask?
Thanks for looking, come back NEXT SAT too!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Hi dear ones! I have had quite the spinning week!! I am fighting a sinus infection so was really in a hard week, so I spun up a storm! This is my ROSE AGATE coming off the hand made kniddy knoddy I made to my yarn winder after setting the twist on this single . Then I changed my mind and unwound it to make a hank again... Nothing like not making up your mind!!
MORE PICS of ROSE AGATE at my online web album ( FIBERS OF GRACE)
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A self challenge in Teal... for the Saturday Spin in..
How many different LOOKS can I get with the exact same Ply of teal and ....


Top to Bottom: 1. Rosalie 2. Rosy Teal is a 4 ply reinforcing yarn for sock knitting with 2 componet threads in pink poly, a very thin nylon bluish teal, mauve dyed with Kool Aid ( I think it was tropical punch) and Teal
3 Ocean Teal is a 3 ply of the same bluish teal component thread, the teal wool and natural dorset wool.

Lastly is 4. Amethyst Sea is 3 ply of the teal, the bluish teal and straight plum hand dyed dorset wool.
Let me know what you think of this experiment... One more post!
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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Cat not only spins but she knits. See cool videos on many fiber things, including even knitting with beads and how to spin with a drop spindle HERE.

I am trying to learn how to use my new Spindolyn, a self supported hand spindle.

I have LOTS to show you to sell or SWAP on my album

Here is a great spot to learn how to card fiber, use a turkish spindle and wash raw wool PLUS MORE.

Have a happy time linking around!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


My baby Traditional Ashford Wheel had surgery!!!I am trying to hide the scars on my dear wheel with ribbons that I tie my spinning tools on.

Utter Sadness!! My baby had it's maiden uprights operated on. I was plying and my wheel fell apart! I was so worried, because I can't afford a wheel. This one is about 15 or so years old. It is an ashford traditional. And the fact that we are rural and there are NO dealers here.. well Rob had to do the operation and I had to trust the Lord. Rob got wisdom. He put screw eyes in the sides of the uprights and then put a bolt through with a nut below to hold the upright in place
On the front bolt He made it easy to remove so i can take the bobbin off. A lot of work and He shortened my knob so it is more upright than it used to be... used to lean outward.

Here you can see the way I have to tension the wheel. In her travels to another owner she lost her tension assembly completely. We are so poor.. and This is what Rob did to try to fix it... he took 2 screw hooks, string and rubber bands, blue for spinning a single, yellow to ply! I am sunk if I break one! However, the wheel runs the Best It has ever run, Rob tightened everything. Now i have to go and give this beloved wheel some TLC!
Let's see if my spinning improves!

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Saturday Spin In!

So sorry this is late getting posted today, having a lot of Trigeminal Neuralgia Attacks.

I am spinning a great deal to manage the pain so have a great deal to show you so Please START HERE.

And here is my NEWEST baby..
I got this wondeful spindle from My parents who gave me birthday money.
Catherine invented this supported spindle, it's called the SPINDOLYN.

Click Here for a couple of spinning related short clip videos for you!

Click Here for a pic of What I have spun this week

Friday, March 02, 2007


Saturday Spin In!

This is my first entry for the Saturday Spin In Group.
My art yarn called " RECONSTRUCTION" I just took
this off of my hand spindle, the cd one you see below in an earlier post.
After I did a final rinse and vinegar/ salt soak to set color
and then rinsed, the Blue in the dye that was latent emerged
to dye the silk in this yarn LIGHT BLUE!!
I like it a lot better, what a happy accident!

"RECONSTRUCTION" Art Yarn, Ready to label and sell...
55 yards of Dorset/Merino Wool ,Silk & Angelina fiber Blend
but first, I will have to post it at the Yarn Museum!
Would like to see your comments! See my photo album here to see more spinning fun!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007


I was grateful to receive 2 mini cd's from a collage friend, I made this wonderful ugly hand spindle. The only pretty part of it is the rainbow light that emenates from the cd Oh, AND the SILK Of course!
I can do some production style spinning on in if I use easy to spin fiber ! I have very carefully sanded the shaft to silky smoothness. I then rounded the end of the shaft,i n case it hits the floorm so it will continue to spin. I also have an screw eye at the top which i have opened to a crook. This is black silk from a Silk Mawata, or single cocoon opened up into a hankie which I pull into a thin roving and spin to a lace weight.
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I made the wrist distaff from about 20 + single ply of hand spun lace weight wool.The fleece was dyed in kool aid and food coloring and randomly spun up.I decorated the tassel with beads to keep the wrist distaff hanging down straight.Don't make it too heavy, because the roving will add weight.
First, wrap roving around your tassel then slip on the bracelet. Thread your roving through the bracelet and up and over your hand and then start spinning!
There may be other ways but this is what I do.I also made the cd hand spindle too, and this one spins forever!

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Friday, February 23, 2007


1. First, the clean wool ( merino?) on upper left corner is dyed, then carded together by hand . I use a hand spindle to spin the fibers, then roll it into a ball to ply ( upper right)

2.Here you can see the single ply ball on a bed of the original wool.

3. NOW to add the component ply, in this case, varigated crochet thread ( cotton)

4. These are plyed together on my trusty yet slow ashford traditional wheel.

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5. The Plied yarn is then placed on a knitty knoddy i created where it is gently
tied off to not tangle.

6. It is then rinsed, washed , dye fastness is checked, .

and it is yet rinsed again.

7. It is then weighted to set the twist of the yarn firmly.

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Damp yarn, already a bit fluffed...
Completed ART YARN, Compare this to the single ply to see how plumped up it is!


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Dear ones, please visit my new website and click on ART gallery and you will see my newest fiber work( extensive pics) at " FIBERS OF GRACE!" I do have a short page on it in the website itself with my new price list but am thinking of revamping it to make it easier.
Please leave a comment in my guest book and be inspired!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


You can see the finished silk plied with Dorset wool on the right. I nestled in the cocoon on the finished wool. I need to spin up more, not sure what this will become, and have to dye it too. I like the texture of the completed yarn! On the left is the raw dorset and wool. This is the first yarn i have created in 13 years, How do you like it?
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I thought you might like to see some close ups of spinning silk by hand! I can't believe I can spin anything this thin! I never believed when others said that Hand Spindles are like potato chips, you can't just have one! I have now made 4, and given away 2 of those. Will post pics of them soon! This one you see was purchased on Ebay.


Dear ones, I have now moved from just painting on silk to creating the actual silk thread! Here you can see the cocoon way on the right, on the left top is an opened cocoon called a Mawata of Bombyx Silk. You can see how i have drafted out the roving on the bottom left proceeding to the lovely hand spindle. The silk on the straw is thread i have already spun up! I won't be weaving silk scarves but I am enjoying this a lot, it helps to manage pain to concentrate.
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