Friday, March 02, 2007


Saturday Spin In!

This is my first entry for the Saturday Spin In Group.
My art yarn called " RECONSTRUCTION" I just took
this off of my hand spindle, the cd one you see below in an earlier post.
After I did a final rinse and vinegar/ salt soak to set color
and then rinsed, the Blue in the dye that was latent emerged
to dye the silk in this yarn LIGHT BLUE!!
I like it a lot better, what a happy accident!

"RECONSTRUCTION" Art Yarn, Ready to label and sell...
55 yards of Dorset/Merino Wool ,Silk & Angelina fiber Blend
but first, I will have to post it at the Yarn Museum!
Would like to see your comments! See my photo album here to see more spinning fun!

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