Sunday, June 25, 2006


PICTURE IS BELOW...PRAISE TO GOD!! This is as best a photo i could get of Glory dust! I took it about 2 in the morning a few weeks ago on a Sat night. The Lord has been giving me many types of it. This one is green, pink, gold. He is amazing, and puts it even BETWEEN PAGES of books! I could not think of a way to gather it except to put it on a post it note, which my pastor has now. I now get glory dust from the Lord that i find in the dustiest dirtiest places. I believe the Lord may be saying that HIS GLORY WILL SHINE, IN THE DARKEST PLACES. I believe we are moving to a time when even if persecution should come, God will keep us. There is another type of Glory dust too, one that actually become PART of whatever it is on. Remember, the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN US!! One time it was part of the cover on our hot tub, it actually was in between the molecules of the cover. You could NOT rub it off. I fell and wept and worshipped the Lord for HIS amazing Glory. You shall see more signs and wonders, for HE is GREAT! I so wish this were clearer but i was holding it in my hand and photographing with the other hand.



Dear Ones, I wanted you to see the lovely bottle that the Divine Destiny anointing oil is kept in. The pansies were a surprise from the Lord, for I do not have a green thumb at all! I LOVE purple pansies. The box is a bessamin box full of cinnamon that is used for the closing of shabbat.
I love the grapes, remember to abide in HIM.

A NEW SILK From MAY 2006

The Lord is having me do some new things with my silks. This one has been painted also with Gold. It is one of the newer techniques He taught me.
I taught a demo on silk painting, but ended up in bed for quite a bit afterward due to exhaustion. I then gave this silk to another artist, who gave me a wonderful mixed media watercolor of a bunch of Grapes. God is teaching me a lot in John 15 about abiding in the vine. I MUST LEARN HOW TO REST and ABIDE.


DEAR ONES, I HAVE SO MUCH TO POST, BUT HAVE BEEN ILL. PLEASE VIEW MY OTHER SITE AT FLICKR, click this title. And here are some newer silk Ribbons to view!
I create every silk, whether it is a scarf or a ribbon, one at a time, in prayer for the Person it is for. I am on a rest sabbatical now to get well and inquire of the Lord. He is teaching me to rest, and to hear HIM in a NEW WAY. I have been experiencing all types of glory dust! The Lord is good to me, I am trying hard to take this year, from april 2006 -7 to go deeper with the Lord. My new website needs to be finished, lots of work there, but when up it will be, just as you see on these cards.