Monday, April 04, 2005


"HEALING WATERS" This scarf came about in a surprising way! I was mixing the chemical solution before adding the Procion Mx dye. I put a teaspoon of "chemical" into each jar of water, as i prepared the dyes but it was not the "chemical" i thought i was using! When i saw what was in my hands, I realized I used PURE REFINED SEA SALT! I figured the Lord had a purpose for me doing this so I kept on going, using the Soda Ash, Softener, Urea, then each Pure dye. ( He has really been having me use PURE colors lately.) I believe the salt affected my colors of Turquoise and Blues becaue I ended up with more Green in the center! To me this looks like a churning river. I happened to be listening to Michelle Tumes singing "Healing Waters" as I was mixing the dyes and then when i ironed it dry i could see it looked like many Waters, so I named this "Healing Waters!"
copyrighted Grace Brunelle 2005

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