Saturday, March 10, 2007


My baby Traditional Ashford Wheel had surgery!!!I am trying to hide the scars on my dear wheel with ribbons that I tie my spinning tools on.

Utter Sadness!! My baby had it's maiden uprights operated on. I was plying and my wheel fell apart! I was so worried, because I can't afford a wheel. This one is about 15 or so years old. It is an ashford traditional. And the fact that we are rural and there are NO dealers here.. well Rob had to do the operation and I had to trust the Lord. Rob got wisdom. He put screw eyes in the sides of the uprights and then put a bolt through with a nut below to hold the upright in place
On the front bolt He made it easy to remove so i can take the bobbin off. A lot of work and He shortened my knob so it is more upright than it used to be... used to lean outward.

Here you can see the way I have to tension the wheel. In her travels to another owner she lost her tension assembly completely. We are so poor.. and This is what Rob did to try to fix it... he took 2 screw hooks, string and rubber bands, blue for spinning a single, yellow to ply! I am sunk if I break one! However, the wheel runs the Best It has ever run, Rob tightened everything. Now i have to go and give this beloved wheel some TLC!
Let's see if my spinning improves!

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