Friday, April 06, 2007

Saturday Spin In

First, I have been Offline, my dear baby computer, a mere 3 years old has to have a completely new hard drive, so have been OFFLINE for over a week~! Many tears were shed. I learned I am not supposed to DEPEND on the computer like an adjunct brain! So this is why I missed last Saturday's Spin In Dear Cindy and gang! Below is my spindle experiment for your perusal for this Saturday! I am on by remote access or would post MORE pics!

I also wanted to know if anyone can tell me how to NOT overtwist when spinning a short fiber. I am preferring hand spindling by far! However i do like plying better by wheel. How about You?
If you can't comment because of an issue on my blog, please email me, because I never ever get comments and would love to hear your opinion on my spinning!

My Spindle Experiment

I created these spindles from cd's. The left is on a 1/4" dowel with mini cd's ( If you know where i can get MORE of these Mini CD's please comment!) It is the most used spindle i own and spins forever! The right one is about a 1/2" dowel I hand painted and used 2, yes 2 heavy reg cd's. Get this.....

I think I broke a rule or something. The spindle on right is WAY heavier,, but I spun THINNER as you can see by the double up ply. How can That be?? Hmmm, I Heard you have to always go LIGHT in spindle weight to go THIN.. hmm, not for me. By the way my cd spindles have the LONGEST SPINS I have ever experienced with a hand spindle~ am thinking of possibly getting into making them to sell. Do you think there would be interest? How much could I ask?
Thanks for looking, come back NEXT SAT too!

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Leigh said...

Hi. I found your blog while surfing The Spinning Wheel. It caught my eye as I love to spin silk too.

What fiber is on your spindle? I never had as much control with spindles as I do with a wheel. It is easy to overtwist on a spindle. You either need to spin it slower, or draft faster, or wind on more frequently to prevent overtwist. However, plying back on itself, it looks quite good.