Thursday, January 13, 2005


4."FOUNDATION STONES" FLAG, One of my first attempts at folding, then dyeing. These folds were made and the dry fabric was painted. It was left for 24 hours, unclamped and rinsed. I love how the orange has gold highlights in it. This is habotai silk 5 mm, which i am learning is a bit light for a flag, the light shines thru, but it is a beauty to dance with as it hovers in the air! In 2006 there was a manifestation of God's Glory at the Community Bible Church in South Burlington during a conference worship time. I was alone at the back of the church waving this and all of a sudden drops of dried blood appeared on this and one of the firee flags. I had no cuts, there was no explanation. This flag through a series of divine circumstances came to be delivered as a prophetic gift to the NATICK PRAYING INDIANS where it resides on their altar to God. How humbled am I! Posted by Hello


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