Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, I am so very happy to get away with Rob for a few days. We have been gifted 2 nights at Basin Harbor Vermont for the Artist In Residence Program "REFLECTIONS 'O8". It is a great place, over 700 acres,with Audubon sanctuary and GREAT food. We will be in one of the cottages. It is sort of our early celebration too of 25 years of happy wedlock... with our formal anniversary being in Dec.
To think, I married Rob after only knowing him for 3 months.. We are true soul mates. This is our third trip to Basin Harbor, and the place is so quiet. NO TV, Just relaxation! Those famous painted Adirondack Chairs come from Basin Harbor!
Ahh, a place to relax, unwind.. and we hope the weather won't be awful.. but good and absolutely perfect. IT has been way too hot and humid for me.
To be married to an artist has it's perks! Rob says I am an artist too... and though I be unconventional in using fiber rather than paint, I hope He is right!
Well off to pack!

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