Sunday, June 25, 2006


PICTURE IS BELOW...PRAISE TO GOD!! This is as best a photo i could get of Glory dust! I took it about 2 in the morning a few weeks ago on a Sat night. The Lord has been giving me many types of it. This one is green, pink, gold. He is amazing, and puts it even BETWEEN PAGES of books! I could not think of a way to gather it except to put it on a post it note, which my pastor has now. I now get glory dust from the Lord that i find in the dustiest dirtiest places. I believe the Lord may be saying that HIS GLORY WILL SHINE, IN THE DARKEST PLACES. I believe we are moving to a time when even if persecution should come, God will keep us. There is another type of Glory dust too, one that actually become PART of whatever it is on. Remember, the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN US!! One time it was part of the cover on our hot tub, it actually was in between the molecules of the cover. You could NOT rub it off. I fell and wept and worshipped the Lord for HIS amazing Glory. You shall see more signs and wonders, for HE is GREAT! I so wish this were clearer but i was holding it in my hand and photographing with the other hand.


Anonymous said...

My name is Terese from a small town in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. I am a Catholic and yes i too am experiencing the glory dust. It is mostly silver and gold for now. I have it on my bed on my clothes and carpet and on furniture in my room. It is amazing last night God left one speck of it on my Hand Phone in between the cover and the screen of hand phone. When we prayed as a family god's glory was on the candles at the altar. This happened on 26th December 2007. the other is i was blessed with a perfume in November 2007. Eversince then i have dapped this perfume on the picture of jesus on and off after or during prayers. Just sometime 1st week of January 2008the glory dust is inside the perfume for God is very pleased of the Sweet aroma as he spoke to me sometime in January 2008 through Ephisian 5 vs 1, 2 as i brushed aside the thought of dapping the perfume when i prayed. When he showed the scripture, I immediately apologised and dapped the perfume for HIM. I think and I feel that He will show more of HIS glory. I am happy to share this with you. I have as evidence the perfume, the candle and my handphone also my clothes with the angel dust or Glory Dust. Psalm 68 vs 12 13 14 (different bibles quote on diferent vs) speaks of the Dove covered with silver and wings coated with gold. I know for a fact that I am experiencing the presence of the Holy spirit.

God bless.

Teresa said...

I am Teresa from Cornwall, England.UK. I have been experiencing glory dust for some months now. It has been mostly silver and gold with some green- but lately has been blue and silver...... it has just come upon me when I have been talking to someone about God's goodness. It is amazing. Once I washed my hands... held them under a good light and we watched as the sparkle appeared again in front of our eyes. It often brings me to tears...and ALWAYS closer to God.